When it comes to washing clothes, the quality of the water used is a factor to keep in mind so that the most suitable program can be selected for each case.

A preliminary analysis will give us the type of product and program required for the best clean, as well as tell us if we’re in compliance with wastewater regulations. The doses, temperatures and mechanical motion of the washing process can be conditioned by the quality of the water used.

Complying with the current wastewater regulations is mandatory and doing so entails taking consistent action across all variables.

Providing a thorough wash from an environmental perspective means undoing ingrained habits in many areas, such as aiming for zero waste, choosing the incorrect temperature, washing for unsuitable time periods, etc. These errors are often compensated for using an excessive amount of cleaning product, which can lead to wastewater in breach of legislation.

Regulations are quite uniform across the country, but there are small differences depending on the organisation that monitors wastewater.

Below, you can find a general overview of the most common values and ranges for wastewater control in launderettes.

There are, in fact, more parameters within the regulations themselves which can tested, but those shown here are the values generally focused on by administrative bodies. Other business sectors carry out tests where some parameters may be added and others removed, including some of those we’ve mentioned above.

All of this values are influenced by the amount of detergent and additives. Water consumption has a considerable impact on the values of these tests, meaning saving water also has an effect.

Choosing a suitable provider for launderettes isn’t just finding a “soap seller”, it’s selecting a travel companion who will help you on your journey, sharing their knowledge and resources. Providing a thorough wash is one half of the goal, complying with current legislation is the other.


Javier Agulló Barbe – Technical director of Wet&Dry

Collegiate nº 1929 – Official College of Catalonian Chemists


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