Machine connectivity

For some time now, the control of the business has been carried out with the information generated by the machines, very valid information to “Manage” the business in the most efficient and profitable way. Here, an example of connection of Prima Power, one of our partners in technology for our manufacturing plants.

As Prima Power tells us, everything starts with machines connected to the cloud, then it is a question of using the information generated in an appropriate way.

What level of client satisfaction do we have? Are we doing our best? Are we fast enough? Are we working in a stimulating and safe environment? What-and how- will we produce tomorrow?

These are the daily questions that help turn challenges into opportunities because the answer influences the four cornerstones of an Industry that is growing.

Flexibility, reliability, efficiency, service.

Four vital elements to the production: Connectivity, big gata, accessibility and intelligence.


The Machines become “Perceptive”: They are able to control the environment and Production processes through sensors, actuators, camaras and software, connected to the network and run by a central software. This is the Internet of Things (IoT)


The machines are able to gather an enormous amount of production data, leading to efficiency gains and anomaly detection. In this way, Big Data mirrors the production processes.


Big data collected by machines are sent to the cloud and can be used by all company levels, from management to operators – in agreement with customers – to carry out maintenance operations in a very short time, with a considerable reduction in downtime.


The data shared and collected on the Cloud is processed by software thar can monitor production processes and solve problems almost in real time. The resulting knowledge makes it possible to predict potential malfunctions and the relative maintenance interventions.

Everything stats from the single Machine, the atom of our system. Each Prima Power product is already equipped with the four “vital” elements that make it compatible with the industry 4.0.

All these possibilities give to the customer better satisfaction:


The production lines can be programmed to perform very different processes in full efficiency, remotely and autonomously.


Monitoring the whole production process ensure the highest level of reliability.


The software analyses the whole process in order to optimize all manufacturing stages, reducing waste and downtime.


Every issue can be solved both remotely and locally with a fast and effective diagnosis. This means that we can always be there for our clients.

Prima Power Staff