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Choosing the right felt for a flatwork ironer is essential for achieving best results and high-quality ironing.
Felts are one of the most important parts of a flatwork ironer and the ones undergoing most stress if work is not performed properly. This is why on top of choosing and installing the right felt for each type of flatwork ironer, each set of working conditions, etc., the flatwork ironer
itself also needs to be properly cleaned during servicing in order to lengthen the service life of ironer clothing/belts.

Thanks to developments in machinery, today the market carries a variety of felts to fit both rotary ironers and wide diameter flatwork ironers.
Layfil, S.L. offers a wide range of ironer clothing with different fibre blends meeting the needs of every flatwork ironer around the globe, and always in partnership with the number one NEEDLEFELT manufacturer.

That is the key: NEEDLEFELT featuring a strong scrim, making our felts tougher and highly permeable, which means higher suction for a longer service life when serviced and used properly.

There are many types of clothing for the many types of rotary ironers, wall flatwork ironers and chest flatwork ironers.

Both rotary ironers and wall flatwork ironers are equipped with needlefelt belts.
Feeding belts are made from 100% polyester (rough surface on one side to increase grip) and ironer belts from polyester/meta-aramid.
Our belts feature a heavy-duty scrim stopping elongation and shrinkage over time. Feeding belts are made endless, sewn and also with hooks; and ironer belts are made with hooks covered by a flap to prevent snagging.

To equip the chest flatwork ironer’s roller/s, we need a felt matching the working conditions of each machine, but first we need to know if it is heated by thermal oil, steam, gas or electricity, and its operating temperature. All of this will determine what materials are needed for the ironer clothing.

100% Polyester up to 180°C
Polyester/Meta-Aramid up to 190°C
100% Meta-Aramid up to 230°C

Flatwork ironers can be equipped with one turn and two turn ironer clothing.

We offer three types of one turn ironer clothing: 100% polyester: Polyester, Meta-Aramid and Polyester-Meta Aramid-PTFE, with weights ranging from 2kg/m² to 4.2kg/m².

We offer two types of two turn ironer clothing: 100% polyester: Polyester and Meta-Aramid.
Weights ranging from 400g/m² to 1.2/m².

Ironer clothing may have a short service life due to:

Strength issues where felts break, which may occur for a variety of reasons: the heater plate, roller and felt are not perfectly aligned, adding extra tension on ironer clothing; significant bed residue (wax); steam traps are not working properly, causing cold spots which deform ironer clothing until it breaks, etc.

Chemical issues where felts hydrolyse, progressively losing toughness and turning into dust. This may be due to a chemical attack, excess wastewater in garments, etc.

Well-serviced flatwork ironers lengthen the service life of felts. It is of utmost importance that these machines be cleaned properly and frequently using cleaning cloths and special waxes, where the recommended amount of the right wax is employed for each type of flatwork ironer.

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