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Onnera Laundry Academy was created with the intention of helping you with your business by offering you the best training in the industrial laundry sector.

We count on the contribution of experts who provide their knowledge, on several topics, always related to industrial laundry, so that all our clients can benefit from it.

Here you will find the best courses, seminars and articles that will help you better understand how the exciting world of laundry works. All of them organized according to levels and themes so that, regardless of your level of knowledge, you can access these courses and become an expert in the world of laundry.

At ONNERA LAUNDRY we are convinced that good training, both in the machinery and in the sector, is key to being able to set up successful industrial laundries.

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We put this book in your hands to offer you a basic and exciting knowledge of the world of laundry. And if you have doubts about any technicality related to the world of laundry, no problem, in this section you will find the most complete glossary of the industrial laundry sector arranged alphabetically.


In this section you will find the best articles and interviews with the latest news related to the universe of industrial laundry. Essential if you want to be the first to know about the latest technology.

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We have the most outstanding technicians in the sector who will share with you their best tips and tricks. Also, do not worry if you do not have any prior knowledge, our training starts from scratch so you can progress at your own pace and according to your needs.
A good knowledge of both laundry machinery and the sector can be the difference between a profitable business or a failed business.
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Good training helps create much more efficient and productive laundries.